Way Out West 2016


Last year I went to my very first Way out West festival and it was amazing, so naturally I decided to go again this year. Way Out West is a vegetarian music festival in Gothenburg, mainly located within the city park (Slottskogen). I learned last minute that none of my friends were going, so I decided to go on my own, and despite being worried that it might to be a weird experience to attend a festival alone, I actually had a lot of fun.


During last year’s festival me and my friends stood in line for good amount of time, and it was exhausting because of the amount of people and the lack of shade (then again, waiting in line is never fun). Imagine my surprise when I showed up to the line of this year’s festival and only 100 people or so stood in line a couple of minutes before opening. At first I thought I had got the time wrong, but it turned out that most of the people attending the festival showed up about an hour later. (Lucky for me!)



Upon entering the festival I decided to explore the many areas of the park before it got too crowded, and I enjoyed many of the activities before people began to show up. In doing so it didn’t take long before I knew my way around the festival which turned out useful for when I wanted to grab something to eat (I knew where to go to avoid long lines), and I could locate the best spots for resting my weary feet.


As usual, there were a lot of free stuff for visitors to enjoy (most of which I will write about in a separate post), and Findus offered everyone chili flavoured corn which were super tasty!


They also had these cosy, little pods that you could rest in, perfect for when the festival got really crowded and I started to daydream about private space. 🙂



Oatly had a new campaign encouraging people to google the word “milk” and it’s effect on the environment. As a participant you would recieve a free t-shirt. They also handed out free drinks.



Meanwhile COOP invited everyone to join their campaign “Vegolöfte” in order to encourage people to eat more vegetarian food. If you joined them you got to pick 1 out of 3 smoothie shots to try for free. (I picked the green one and it was really sweet and yummy.)


SJ offered everyone free coffee with Oatly (which I enjoyed in the sun while I waited for Chvrches to enter the stage).



I’m not a 100% sure, but I believe that these pizzas were vegan. All the pizzas were at least vegetarian and this one was amazing(!!). Probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. (I’m not even a big fan of pizza to begin with, but yeah, it was really good).


Between late afternoon and evening it started to get really cold and I actually saw people wearing gloves and scarfs (and people wearing shorts and crop tops who probably regretted not bringing their jackets). I had brought a big load of  clothes in my backpack and I started to put on a million layers while I also got coffee to keep me warm. Afterwards I decided to put away the camera and just enjoy the music.


By the time I began to make my way through the park after leaving the Morrisey concert (Which was a powerful experience to say the least) it was already getting dark outside and all the trees lit up in many beautiful colors. I really enjoyed it and it was a great ending to a wonderful day.


To sum things up: the first day of Way Out West was pretty great, but last year’s performances are tough to beat. I will probably head back to the festival on Saturday and watch Sia, despite the rain because how can you not! But for now I will enjoy the comfort of my couch and the warmth of my soup.

Make sure to keep an eye out for my upcoming post on all the free stuff I got at the festival!



Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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