Stenshuvud National Park


During my vacation a few weeks ago I went to Blekinge and Skåne, a couple of hours drive away from my home in Gothenburg – and the best part of the trip was going to Stenshuvud National Park in Kivik. We had several days of rain, so we didn’t get to explore the entire park, but I wanted to show you some pictures because it is definitley worth a visit.


As we arrived at the park entrance, we first decided to visit Kiviks Musteri around the corner. Kiviks Musteri is a company producing a variety of products (such as cider and candy) and their main ingredients are apples (they grow all over Kivik). I really recommend you stop by because everything they make are locally produced and top quality.

After we had done some shopping we left the parking lot and entered the park, which had this beautiful entrance that would lead us down a fairytale like path.

skog 2

Where I grew up we only had pine trees, and while they have a certain beauty the scenery have a tendency to look the same wherever you go.. Which is why these trees blew my mind! I wanted to climb them all.


We decided to head up to Stenshuvud, which is a great hill with an amazing view.
A father was carrying his 10 year old child on his back going up these stairs, which left me very impressed since I had a hard time getting myself to the top. (But I did!)


And here you have it! At the right you can see a clearing in the woods, and that’s where we walked on our way to the hill (and also where we met the cows).

Entering the park is free and it’s a great activity if you want to explore the nature of Skåne. Make sure you pay it a visit!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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