My Comeback


I’ve had a rough couple of days healthwise, but now I’m back! Yesterday I woke up feeling so much better and I decided to take a morning walk around Ramberget before breakfast.


Ramberget is a hill located on Hisingen, which is an island in Gothenburg (where I live). I’ve seen many spectacular views at many different locations in Gothenburg, but Ramberget is my absolute favorite.


As you walk up the hill there is a great view all the way to the top.


The sun came out and I was alone on the hill enjoying the lovely weather.


I would like to call this one “3 days of migraine, 1 day of food posioning later”.

To tell you the truth, I’ve become somewhat uncomfortable posting selfies over the years, which is why there are so few of them on the blog. (Way back when I used to blog many years ago I would recieve an enormous amount of hateful comments whenever I posted pictures of myself, so I’m careful these days). But I figured if I can post this then I can do anything.



Resting my feet at the top.


Back home I had a shower, got some work done, put on my make up and had some coffee – ready to head out and meet up with my friends.


I met up with my classmates at Folk before we went on to see Of Ivory and Flesh – Statues also Suffer. We had some wine and decided to catch up (it felt like I had been gone forever despite having stayed at home for only one day).


Henrik, Ying Zi, Manuella, Emelie and Josefine’s hand.


The show was very well executed and I really loved the choreography but I honestly just give up when it comes to interpretation. (Was there even a story??)


Sorry for the poor quality (I really need to get myself a proper camera!). On my way home I stopped by McDonalds and went home to my bed. I had a really lovely evening and it was fun to just hang out with my friends and recharge my batteries.


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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