30 Questions


During our welcoming of the new students at my school we had this speed dating activity where we all had to answer a whole bunch of interesting questions and I figured it would be fun to share them (and my answers) with you!

1. Where do you feel at home?

I’ve had many apartments, but the one that I live in now is the first one that truly feels like home. With that being said I’ve felt like Gothenburg has been my home for years, but you know what it’s like when you have a close friend that you’ve known for years and then you wake up one day and realise that you have grown apart? That’s how I feel about Gothenburg.

2. What made you decide to study at KV?

I stumbled upon an ad for the school on the last day you could apply, and I sort of just went for it, trusting my gut. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I was really nervous during my interview, which was a little strange because I’m usually very laid back during interviews. I remember being on the tram on my way home a couple of weeks later when I received an email saying I got in, and I was genuinly surprised!

3. Which was the latest movie you watched?

I watched West World last night, and I really liked it! It’s funny how I’ve always been a fan of Jurassic Park but never heard of West World despite the fact that both were written by the same author, Michael Crichton.

4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to work with game culture, but on a bigger scale than I do now and I really want to travel more and work on a more international level. Probably work with projects that encourage exploration and adventure.

5. What are you afraid of?

Getting stuck, getting too comfortable to the point where I stop pursuing what I think is important. I want to keep moving and keep growing.

6. Can you recall any specific cultural experience?

A couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery store standing in line to pay for my groceries when three completely different women, who did not know each other, started talking and making plans to hang out. They started talking because of Pokémon Go. Despite what you think about the game, or games in general, that moment was a little bit of magic.

7. In which decade do you feel like you belong?

I actually feel like I’m very comfortable living in the present, most of the things that I enjoy didn’t even exist a couple of years ago. Then again the 90’s had the best adventure games.

8. What is your most important memory of past summers?

I was working for an organisation when my entire team got laid off last year. We made the decision to not let it knock us down and instead we got on a plane to Budapest and had an amazing adventure. I learned a lot from this experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. When things doesn’t go as planned it’s a chance to explore new possibilites and adventures.

9. Who would you bring to a deserted island?

Probably someone who has played a lot of Don’t Starve or Rust and at least knows how to survive in nature in theory. Then again the only person I know who kick ass when it comes to survival games is me. #foreveralone

10. Do you recall any nightmare you’ve had?

I love nightmares, mostly because mine are more inspirational than scary. I had one last night in which I was staying at a camp in a post apocalyptic world. Bad men came to the camp geared up in heavy armor with a determination to exterminate us all, and I hid in a worn down locker with my kittens (Yes, kittens). One of the bad men found me, but for some reason he closed the door to the locker and told the others that the locker was empty. (I lived)

11. If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be?

I would probably want to be someone who is my complete opposite, like an orange, toupée wearing man candidating for presidency, or something like that. 

12. If you were forced to eat one type of food for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

Probably some kind of pasta, I can eat pasta forever without getting bored. My body is probably made out of 80% pasta already. Now I’m craving pasta.

13. Who was your childhood hero?

Aaliyah, she was very different and very real, and I’m still inspired by all the things that she accomplished in her short years.

14. What is your life going to be like when you are 70 years old?

I hope that I will be like my grandmother was before she passed away – healthy and going on trips around the world exploring and still having fun at an old age. 

15. If you were an animal, which animal would you be?

I would probably be a snake – different and a slightly missunderstood, but always able to shed my skin and reinvent mysef.

16. If you were a city or a country, which one would you be?

This one is tricky, but I really felt connected with Budapest – The old architecture, the creative ruinbars, the history. It’s a mixture of memories of the past mixed with the hopes of the future, and I can relate to that.

17. If you were allowed to bring only one object to a deserted island, what would you bring?

I have two zombie survival guides: The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks and Zombieöverlevnad: Din Guide till Apokalypsen by Herman Geijer, at least one of them has got to be useful.. And if the island is anything like the island Banoi, it should be just perfect.

18. When was the last time you made a fool of yourself?

I really can’t recall the last time I made a fool of myself (how awsome is that?), but here is a fun note – Whenever I do something embarrassing I cringe and whisper “I want to die” repeatedly to myself until the horror leaves my mind and I can think about something else. I’ve got some weird looks..

19. If you could, which TV series would you like to live in?

This one is very difficult, but then I realised that Terra Nova has dinosaurs.

20. What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a performer, I used to dance and take singing lessons very actively a couple of years ago. I also wanted to be a tomb raider like Lara Croft because she was a badass who could handle herself and she got to explore many parts of the world.

21. The world will end in 24 hours, what do you do?

Locate my cats and squeeze them, probably. I would most likely be more upset about the lack of cats in the world than my own demise.

22. What is the first thought that runs through your mind as you wake up in the morning?

“Where is my roomie?” – Everytime. He goes to work several hours before I even get up, and I still get confused when I wake up despite the fact that it’s been years since we moved in together and I KNOW that he has a job.

23. What kind of music makes you dance?

Retro stuff usually get me moving, funky stuff, but I always get happy listening to Depeche Mode.

24. Are you addicted to something?

Not really, I’m one of those people who can’t keep doing one thing for too long or I’ll get tired with it, which basically makes addictions pretty much impossible. (I have had a bad relationship with energydrinks in the past however, and they’re not even that good).

25. What really pisses you off?

People who sneeze or cough in their hands.. Cringe!
I also get frustrated when people show up late, doing it once or twice is not a big deal though.

26. Do you collect something?

Comics, mostly by Image Comics. My current favorites are Rasputin, Outcast and Southern Bastards, but this changes all the time. If you have any recommendations, especially comics by female writers, leave a comment below and I’ll look it up!

27. Do you have any good life hacks that you would like to share?

The one thing that I do that I can’t even remember not doing, is that I clean my apartment as soon as I wake up in the morning, before going to school. That way I get to come home to a clean apartment and I won’t have to deal with being drained after a long day in combination with chores.

28. What’s your favorite candy?

Right now I’m really digging a chocolate called Geisha by Fazer, but I tend to go back and forth and change my mind a lot when it comes food and candy. Whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment!

29. Coffee or tea?

I love them both, but since coffee is a migraine trigger for me I would have to go with tea.

30. Do you have any nicknames?

My mom calls me Kvitterpippin (Chirping Bird) but since I have a short name there’s no use for nicknames. (People who call me Story or Fariytale are just meh..).

I hope you liked this post and feel free to steal the questions if you want!
Leave a comment if there is anything else you want to know and I’ll save it for another post. 🙂


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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