Where not to go in a Fictional World (Part 1)


 Exploration and travel in games can be magical and I personally like to play with the idea of visiting the locations in the real world. There are however some places I wouldn’t recommend if you are planning a vacation. Here is my guide to the travel destinations in the game world worth avoiding.

tr2Silent Hill, a special place.

You might be considering taking the family on a roadtrip to the town Silent Hill – walking along the shores of Toluca Lake, going on the rides at Lakeside Amusement Park and learning some local history at The Silent Hill Historical Society. But are you willing to waste your vacation on fighting monsters and making your way through a fog that will ruin the view? 

tr3The island Banoi, a tropical paradise.

Located by the shores of Papua Nya Guinea, you’ll find the popular island Banoi, known to be a paradise on earth with it’s lush rain forests and white beaches, a place to leave all worry behind – that is until you wake up one morning as an all you can eat brain buffét with zombies tearing down your door. (I don’t recommend it unless you’re into that sort of stuff)

tr4El Marrow, where mexican traditions blossom.

El Marrow is not only a beautiful city well know for it’s art deco architecture, it is also a great place for the celebration of Día De Muertos. In order to join in the festivities however, you first have to die, following the purchase of a travel package to the afterlife at the Department of Death. And lets be real – most of us won’t qualify for a ticket on the Number 9.

tr5 Yamatai, a piece of ancient Japan frozen in time.

If you’re an adventurer looking for the authentic experience – Yamatai is the island for you. Dating back to the Yayoi period (300 BCE – 300 CE) the island is covered in lush forests, a great wild life and extrodinary temples. If you ever make it to Yamatai however (navigating the Dragon’s Triangle can be tricky) getting back home is going to be a whole lot trickier, as the island have a deadly way of keeping people from leaving.

I hope the first part of this guide has been useful to you!
If you have any fictional travel destinations to warn me about, feel free to leave a comment below.


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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