Exploring the World Through Games (Part 1)

aUncharted 4: A Thiefs end, driving in Madagascar.

Have you ever played a video game and thought to youself “I really wish that I could be there in person”? I do so quite often, it’s actually one of the reasons why I play video games – I get to go to magical places that might be fictional or too far away in the real world. You might have read my Where not to go in a Fictional World series, where I write about travel destinations in games worth avoiding, but I figured it would only be fair to take some time to write about the inspiring locations you don’t want to miss – here is the first part of the Exploring the World Through Games series. Enjoy!

bEverybody’s gone to the rapture, walking in Yaughton.

Walking through the fictional, deserted village Yaughton in Shropshire, England is so surreal and magical, with all the people being gone and the silence through out the village. The actual game stuck with me for a long time and it made me want to get on a plane and explore the english countryside. Everybody’s gone to the rapture has been described as a walking simulator, and there is a reason why the only option in the game is to walk around – there is so much beauty to see and take in.

cFar Cry 4, enjoying the many sights in Kyrat.

Kyrat is a fictional Himalayan country in Far Cry 4 that offers majestic mountains, vast forests and many villages along the roads. It’s a great location for those who seek adventure and breathtaking views. Kyrat is also rich in wildlife, you might come across both elephants and rhinos, to name a few of the animals living in the Kyrat wilderness.

dBroken Sword, having coffee in Paris.

The Broken Sword games have always portrayed Paris in a romantic way where the personality of the characters you meet have a way of adding to the soul of the city. I’m not sure if it’s the actual Paris that I want to visit, or the Broken Sword version of the city, as with most games it tends to make it it’s own. The Broken Sword series also explore locations such as Ireland, Syria, Spain and Turkey, to name a few.

eFirewatch, exploring the Wyoming wilderness.

Despite the fact that I grew up living in the woods and that I have a love for nature, I’ve never been a big fan of camping. Firewatch, however, lured me in and somehow changed that. Then again I would probably not say no to staying in a fire lookout tower, enjoying the stunning view and the company of my books. There is also something quite magical about exploring the massive Shoshone National Forest, without having to worry about the real world risk of getting lost.

fUncharted 4: A Thiefs End, driving in Madagascar.

The breathtaking landscape makes Madagascar a location definitely worth exploring – driving through the red valleys and up the massive hills and mountains, enjoying the view from up high. If you’re a gamer you probably know what it’s like when you don’t want the story to go on just yet – you want to keep on exploring, because the place is so magical – I got that feeling through out Uncharted 4. Adventurous spirits should not miss this experience.

What are your favorite game locations?
Leave a comment below and keep an eye out for more upcoming inspirational gaming posts!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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