My 20 Facts Challenge


I stumbled upon this challenge a while back, where you write some fun facts about yourself that people might not already know, and figured it would be a great way for you to get to know me a little better (since this blog is still pretty much new). Here are 20 unknown facts about me!


1. While I’m a city person at heart, I grew up on the countryside.
I was raised in what used to be a cottage, turned into a tiny house, at the end of the road in small country town. We had chickens, rabbits, turkeys, cats, dogs.. And the chickens even walked around inside the house. One morning I got a major suprise when I woke up and saw a horse standing outside my window. It had decided to stay with us for a couple of days (despite my father being terrified of horses) until we found the owners. I used to run around and play by myself in the woods, occasionally being hunted by a moose or chasing off hawks trying to take our chickens.


2.  I have an unreasonable fear of snails.
As bizarre as it sounds, it all started with a commercial running on Swedish television during the 90’s in which people who had not paid for their television license were punished by having snails put onto their eyes. It was all fictional of course, but it scarred me for life.


3. I have three furball friends.
The oldest of the three is Curry, who is half Norwegian forest cat, while the other half is unknown. He has long, majestic, red fur but is extremely tiny for being a male cat. The second cat is Walter who looks like a fat tiger. He might be huge, but he’s also afraid of everything, but very cuddly and very talkative. The third one is a black cat named Samael (we call him Sammy) and he is half ragdoll while, as with Curry, the other half is unknown. He will knock your phone out of your hand if you don’t pet him and he is a master at hiding candy wrappers. All three of them enjoy going for walks with me in the woods.


4. I’m trying something new everyday for 365 days!
And it’s been going really well! Some days I’ve tried 3 new things and other days none, but all in all it seems like I will be able to pull of trying 365 new things before the end of the year. I really recommend you try this, it doesn’t have to be epic things, some days I just try a new kind of candy or a color I wouldn’t normally wear.


5. I get dressed in my sleep.
A while back I started waking up in the morning wearing clothes that I did not wear going to bed the night before. It turned out, as I would notice with time, that while asleep I would get this weird idea in my head that people might come over (in the middle of the night) – which in reality has never happened. Freaking out about it, I would pull the nearest piece of clothing and put it on while still being asleep, in the hopes of looking presentable should they show up. I still do this from time to time, and it’s still hilarious.


6. Phil Dunhy is my spirit animal.
The perfect combination of complete entusiasm for life and adventure with a pinch of cringe. He performs magic, adopts a pet alpaca named Jolene and learns how to walk the tightrope – I think we should all strive to be a little more like Phil Dunphy.


7. I’ve had heart surgery twice.
As a child I had a quite common condition called Patient Ductus Arteriosus, or PDA for short. There is a blood vessel in the heart that closes soon after birth in children, but mine didn’t. During my first surgery the doctors discovered that I did not have one of these “holes” but several, and I had to have another surgery. Today I’m healthy and I only have a scar on my back as a reminder of my time in the hospital.


8.  I hoard cardboard boxes for no apparent reason.
I have found so many strange boxes in so many strange places in my apartment and I have no clue why I do this, but I’m sure that the recurring thought “It might come in handy” plays a big part in the horror. Ughgggh!! A couple of months ago I actually discovered an unopened box of Lush products in the back of my closet, and there and then I decided to toss all of the empthy boxes I had. (Just kidding, why would I throw them away? Could come in handy..).


9. Italian food is my kryptonite.
I love pasta and the italian cuisine. It’s a kind of food that I never grow tired of! I could problaly eat it for the rest of my life without hating it and people who cook it for me I would consider friends for life (because they get me).


10. My guilty pleasure is Schmoyoho.
My favorite videos and songs are Dayum, Thundersnow and Obama Mixtape:1999 and I listen to these songs all the time! I also know all the lyrics because how can you not. If I had a car I would drive my friends around and force them to sing Schmoyoho karaoke with me all day everyday.


11. My favorite movie is Jurassic Park.
I used to watch it every week for years growing up. I had trouble sleeping when I was younger until I started using a technique where I lay in bed imagining the following day in the best possible way it could go, and for years it would involve me taking a helicopter to Isla Nublar and meeting all the dinosaurs while also being offered a job at the park, despite being ten years old at the time.


12. I love sending Happy Mail and making mixtapes for my friends.
People don’t send regular mail anymore, (which is kinda sad if you ask me). I get super excited everytime I plan a special surprise for someone I love and care for, trying to imagine the surprise on their face as they pick up their mail. This is also one of the reasons why I love hosting giveaways. (And those boxes I mentioned do come in handy).


13. I’m blind as a bat.
I usually wear glasses, but the ones I have now have seen better days. I’ve honestly been too lazy to get myself a new pair. It’s just one of those things that are meh to purchase, like jeans or toilet paper. We’ll see if I’ll get my shit together and buy a new pair now that I’ve made this confession.


14. I have a bucket list and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is on it.
Because: Fire breathing dragons, butterbeer and the Hogwart’s Express. If you want to bring me on the most epic date ever you know where to take me. 😀


15. I believe in the power of a very comfortable couch.
I’m one of the most lazy people I know. Well, maybe not lazy per say, but I’m quite content with staying at home, doing crafts, puzzles or playing video games on a Friday night. With that being said, when it comes to work, I tend to go all in and find energy in the work that I do. It’s one of the contradictory traits of my personality that I myself find quite fascinating.


16. My favorite author is Graham Joyce.
The first book I read by Graham Joyce was The Silent Land. It’s not a secret that I love mysterious stories, so naturally I loved it and I tried desperately to find other writers that could fit into a similar category, but I still liked his books the best. Graham Joyce passed away in 2014 at the age of 59. Saddened by this news I saved the last book he wrote because I don’t want there to not be another Graham Joyce book to look forward to.


17. I suck when it comes to high-fives (see 13.)
I can only imagine all the youtube compilations that could have been made with all of the awkward high-fives I’ve done over the years. Whenever I see someone raise their hand to high-five me I just know that the situation is doomed and that someone is bound to loose an eye or worse.


18. I Winston the shit out of puzzles.
I love being at home, unboxing a new puzzle and piecing it together while slowly drifting off into madness. Have you ever tried to put together a 2000 piece puzzle of a tree, where the leafs are just one evil shade of green? While it might be a painful experience, there is no better feeling than to lay the last piece, as the puzzle thought it owned you, but you showed it who owns who.


19. Technology hates me with a passion.
Meanwhile I love and have an interest in video games, tech innovation and digital culture, I’m terrible when it comes to technology myself. It’s as if I have some kind of repellent to anything tech hidden in my DNA. I’m trying to fight this problem by exploring and learning new tech stuff – You might recall that I built my very first robot a couple of weeks ago? Well.. I have a new diy kit waiting for me, and I will make sure to blog about that one as well!


20. My favorite band is Elysian Fields.
I can listen to songs like Parachute and Bayonne all day everyday. Jennifer Charles is also one of my favorite singers, if not the favorite. I really recommend their album Bum Raps & Love Taps.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

On Monday I’m going on a field trip with my classmates to Sjövik, where we will set the foundation for the upcoming internships (if you have any internship recommendations for spring please let me know 🙂 ). I will try to make a second vlog if there is time, but I’m really excited about going away for a couple of days and I think we will have a lot of fun on our trip!



Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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