Bringing Friends to Japan!


As some of you may recall, I announced my upcoming trip to Japan a couple of weeks ago. I will be going in May 2017, and while it’s quite early to be talking about this trip, I’m already planning and will be booking my tickets in a couple of months. There is one thing I need to solve before then, however – and that is to find myself a travel buddy! While I want to make a solo trip somewhere in the future, I do feel like Japan is a destination that you want to experience with others – which is why I’m looking for someone who might want to join me and share the adventure!

So who would be a good fit? – First off I think I have to start by introducing myself and my own thoughts about travel and what I want to do on this trip. After all, people like to experience the world in different ways.

What kind of traveller am I?

I would describe myself as a curious explorer. I want to experience and try as many new things as possible. I like to walk around and see the culture close up. You will see me try the local food over hamburgers and pizza any day and I will most likely try to figure out where the locals go in order to get that experience. I like the quirky stuff, but I’m also not ashamed to do the typical touristy things either. I’m open minded and I say yes more often than no. I don’t like being around people who roll their eyes, people who are “too cool” to try silly things. I enjoy documentation and will most likely take a lot of pictures. I prefer to rent a small place over staying at expensive hotels if it means that I’ll end up with more money to spend on fun activities. I plan everything as detailed as I can (maps, practical info etc) so that I can be spontanious and have as much fun as possible. I like to mix exciting adventures with relaxation, and while I’m often excited and want to explore, I’m also pretty chill and laid back.

What do I want to do in Japan?

While I want to do popular things like shop at Kiddyland, play games at the arcades and maybe enjoy the view from the Tokyo Sky Tree, I also want to spend two days at Disney Sea and Disney World, explore Nakano Broadway, maybe do some thrift shopping, travel to different cities outside of Tokyo, make instant ramen at the instant ramen museum, be grossed out at the parasite museum, visit the many parks and temples, visit the Gudetama café (I love Gudetama), try different types of streetfood, buy fun stuff at Daiso the 100 Yen store, try the rollercoasters at Fuji Q, explore the Japanese grocery stores and more.. There’s a lot to explore and do in Japan, and I’m still finding new things to put on my list everyday.

How long do I plan on staying in Japan?

I will be going in May, staying three weeks, renting small apartments through Airbnb in Tokyo. While three weeks is a long time to hang out with a person in a foreign country, I do believe in having a day or two to yourself and time to recharge our batteries. I will be going to Japan after golden week and go home by the end of the month.

Who am I looking for?

First of all – you don’t have to be Swedish to join me, I would really like to travel with someone from another country just the same! You also don’t have to be a specific gender, but you have to respect that I do have a partner and I am in no way interested in spending time with you romantically. With that out of the way, here are some things that I am looking for in a travel buddy!


You’re a curious and open minded person.
I like to think of myself as the kid that never really grew up, and you more or less think of yourself the same way. You want to learn more about the world and challenge yourself. With that being said, it’s ok to not want to try everything, but you do see the fun in trying new things, big or small.


You’re into some nerdy stuff.
You don’t have to like the very same things that I do, but liking games and other nerdy stuff will probably make this trip more fun for you compared to if you don’t since there are a lot of things to explore in the Japanese culture that appeal to geeks (myself included!). 🙂


You’re straight forward in your communication.
You’re not afraid to tell me if you’re tired, hungry or if you want to spend some time alone. I really don’t like being around people who find themselves in a grumpy mood without being able to communicate what they need in order to feel better. I do like to be around people who, while they may have bad days, can talk about what’s going on.


You’re an adventurous spirit.
You have your own fun ideas of what you want to do, and you’re the kind of person who get excited and amazed by the world around you. You want to try new things and you genuinly love to travel.


You’re not bothered by documentation.
Since I will be blogging and vlogging on the trip, it’s quite important that you are comfortable with the fact that I will be photographing and filming. This doesn’t mean that the camera will be up in your face 24 hours a day, but it will be a part of our adventure (and a great way to have those memories last forever).


You have never been to Japan before.
While this isn’t too important, I do think it’s a lot of fun to experience a new culture and new things with someone who is also new to it, that way we can get mind blown together!

If you have any questions regarding budget, about me or the trip in general or if you want to get in touch with me because you want to come along you can send me an email to (make sure to tell me a little bit about yourself and your expectations).

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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