A Sweet Adventure in Linné


It’s been quiet on the blog this week, and the reason for that is that I’ve been sick at home, dealing with a cold and my everyday life has been pretty boring. On Friday I went back to school, and I had lousy day.. While school went well, I kept having bad luck just about everywhere else I went and I couldn’t wait to go home. I needed to treat myself and I wanted to try something new, and I knew just where to go. In my old neighborhood Linné, just by the city park (Slottskogen) there is a candy store called Sega Gubben and they sell a good variety of sweets and snacks.


The reason why I prefer Sega Gubben over the other candy stores in Gothenburg is because they have a lot of stuff that the other candy stores don’t sell, like imported products. If you live in the US, this might not seem very exotic to you, but in Sweden it’s quite uncommon to find this many imported drinks in one place.


The store is quite large and they sell everything from retro Swedish candy to freshly made popcorn (the scent hit me as I entered the store). If you’ve never been to Sweden before and you decide to go, you should try lösgodis, which is candy you purchase by weight. Statistics point out that Swedes consume about 17kg of candy each year, so we definitly eat a lot of lösgodis. You can find it in most grocery stores, but Sega Gubben has more to choose from. (You can get a hint from the tower to the right in this picture).


They even had a shelf for Japanese snacks! I wanted to buy the Koala cookies but they only had cappuchino flavor and I craved the chocolate ones.


So tiny, I could have used three of these shopping carts but since the store get crowded easily I see why they use these small ones (I also had to ask for one so if you can’t find them, ask the staff).


This cat symbolized my day, so meh.


So now to the stuff that I got! I bought this cola called Karma Cola, it’s eco and fairtrade which made me really excited to try it, and the pretty packaging helped too! It wasn’t carbonated and the flavor kind of reminded me of the cola popcicles I had as a child. Karma Cola is made from real cola nuts grown in Sierra Leone, you can read more about the product here.


I also got some candy, not a whole lot though because I got super confused in the store, there were so much to choose from and I just went for the things that were new to me.


Fun fact: I’m probably the only person I know that has never tried Pocky! I really like food that keeps me occupied and that is fun to eat, and I really enjoyed Pocky because it’s something I can nibble on. I will definitely try more flavors! Do you have any recommendations?


This one was fun! It’s basically fruit in the shape of bear paws. These sweets were pretty low key, not too sweet and both scent and flavor reminded me of dried fruit. A good alternative to regular candy. These cost about $1 and came in about 4-5 variations. You can read more about the products and the brand (Bear Nibbles) here.


I also got these fruit rolls in apple flavor from Bear Nibbles. They kind of smelled like grass, but don’t let it scare you because they were really tasty! To my surprise they also came with a collectable card. The yoyos (as they’re called) come in 6 variations (you can view all of them here).


Last but not least I also got this fairtrade, eco lemonade from Karma Cola. Like Karma Cola it’s not carbonated and the taste was really citrusy, sweet and sour. Also, can we talk about how cute these tiny cans are?

A little note: I was not sponsored to write this, I simply wanted to share this with you because I enjoy trying new things, and I also got a little bit nostalgic visiting the street where I used to live. If there is anything you want me try and write about in Gothenburg – leave a comment below and I will check it out. 🙂


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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