A Fresh New Chapter


The one thing that bothers me more than a lack of consistent blogging is when you try to force yourself to blog when you have nothing to say (and nothing creative to put out there). With that being said, my life has been all about learning and deadlines these last couple of weeks, only moving between school, work and my home. It hit me the other day that I haven’t done anything creative or fun in ages which have caused me a lot of stress and I’m all about changing that.

I finished this intense period this week with my marketing class coming to an end. I wanted to share my week with you, simply because it felt amazing to be finished with the class and because I’m excited about starting a new chapter!


On Monday me and Jannie went to School to get some work done and my brain just hit a whole new level of tired as I tried to use my travel card instead of my keys to open the classroom door. It had Jannie rolling on the floor laughing as I tried to figure out why the door wouldn’t open.


Later we worked on the details before the deadline. I’m actually very proud of what we accomplished and the great work we did under pressure. The element of stress came out of a lack of structure and instructions. It took a long time (too long) before we felt like we fully understood the assignment.


After school I went straight to Lush, where I’m not only working as a runner (which I started out as) but also as a sales assistant! On my first day at the store I got super nervous, but I think it’s been going pretty well since then! I love meeting the customers and to be around the great energy from my colleagues! And now you can find the Christmas products on the shelves and we are also all hype when it comes to the Halloween products, some of which I’m about to show you real sooon..

After my shift I went straight home and wrote my speech for the next day and practiced my lines all night. There are so many new things to learn at work and school, that I kind of expected my brain to eventually be like “nope” and by Thuesday my brain went on autopilot.


By Thursday I went to Gårda for an interview at an amazing place (which I will keep secret for now) where I might be doing my internship next year. I left feeling excited and my head full of ideas. Up until this point nothing has really made me feel excited about the upcoming internships, so this really gave me a boost!


Later that day we did some midterm evaluations at school. It looks more fun than it is.. In fact, we decided to torture our classmates who were sick at home by live streaming the entire thing for them!


Later by Thursday evening, me and my friend Christoffer got invited to dinner by our former colleagues Sissela and Linnea. This was such a lovely break and these guys always make me laugh.


And even better, I beat them at the boardgame Marrying Mr.Darcy despite the fact that I know nothing about the characters and the story. Ahhh yeaaaah.

So, you might be wondering about the next chapter – what I will be doing from now on? The upcoming class is one that we got to design ourselves (exciting!) and I created a class exploring online exhibitions. This will result in an exhibition, so make sure to keep an eye out!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

One thought on “A Fresh New Chapter”

  1. I have missed reading your posts! I havn’t gotten notifications and so forgot to check in and see if you’ve updated. No I have all this wonderful reading to do 🙂
    This month is going to be great!


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