I Received a Yummy Gift


I’ve always been a sucker for things that improve my level of coziness – Fluffy socks, tasty treats, bubble baths, scented candles. No one knows this better than my parents. This Christmas they really surprised me when they gave me the best Christmas gift ever – a very thoughtful care package filled with fairtrade, vegan snacks and teas that they had handpicked, most of which I had never even tried before myself.


Firstly, this tea came in an adorable box (pictured above)! It could be because of the cold I’m battling at the moment, but I had trouble picking up the scent as I smelled the bags, but when I opened one – YUM. Like a bag stuffed with Christmas. I will probably order another box online before they disappear. I really loved this one!

(If you like the cute, handmade cat mug you can buy a version of it here.
My friend Robin got it for me and it’s my favorite mug, I wish I had all versions of it!)


I did not expect these to be vegan, but they were and I had trouble putting them down. Not too sweet, and with a surprisingly soft texture, these will melt in your mouth. (And I finished them while writing this.. Damn).


The second box of tea I got contained a collection of different Pukka teas (you can see them all written on the package). They were all very different from each other, and since I haven’t tried any Pukka teas before, this was quite a treat.


I love the packaging.. I have not tried these teas yet but they all smell really good, and I will give them a try soon enough!


Vegan candy! I don’t know about you, but I have found that vegan gummy candy always taste more fresh and juicy compared to the non-vegan alternatives. I’m not a big fan of synthetic fruit flavors, but this candy actually tasted like genuine fruit juice. 


Who knew coconut and sea salt would go so well together? I did not.. 


Not vegan, but this rich chocolate tasted really good and I’m a big fan of biodegradable packaging. (Another cool thing about this product was the inside of the wrapping paper. It had info printed on it so that you can read about the fairtrade ingredients, farmers and more).


Another product I for some reason did not expect to be vegan. My mom got me this after she read that some people who deal with migraines much like I do, sometimes eat liquorice before they get one and it helps prevent it from breaking out.. So far I haven’t got to try it, but the liquorice was yummy and very, very fresh.


This raw, vegan chocolate felt like one of the more luxurious products in the box. The flavor was rich and the packaging was an experience in itself, just look at this…



Last but not least we have these Chai Pastilles in a practical tin from Renée Voltaire. I love chai and these actually do taste like it!

If you want to buy any of the products in this post I really recommend Apotea.se (if you live in Sweden) where my mother purchased all of them for me at a good price. I had no idea that they actually sold snacks and drinks and much of it being vegan. I will probably purchase more from the site in the future.


So my parents did not stop at the care package, but also baked me saffron biscotti, because they know it’s my favorite and they couldn’t buy them anywhere.. I honestly tried them while playing video games the other night and I had to put the lid back on to keep me from eating the entire jar. They also got me mulled wine which is my favorite!

It might suck to have a cold, but at least I have all the love and tasty things I need to get through it!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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