Lush Christmas Gifts 2016!


Christmas came and passed quickly for me this year and by New Year’s I decided to open my Christmas exclusive gifts from Lush. Every year I’ve had a tradition of buying myself gifts from Lush to spoil myself and celebrate my endeavours (Because #treatyoself). This year, since I decided to save money for travel and do a minimal amount of shopping through 2016, it was especially fun to unbox these goodies! I figured it would be fun to share the unboxing of them with you, especially since the Christmas products are on sale in all the Lush stores at the moment, and if you’re lucky, you might still be able to find these gifts 50% off at your local Lush store!


First of we have Under the Mistletoe Gift which was one of the first gifts I decided to get myself. Not only was the packaging wonderful – a reusable box great for storage (handmade from recycled materal as all the gifts from Lush are) but it also had many of my favorite products: the uplifting Shooting Stars soap scented with lemon, lime and bergamot, the sugary lip scrub Sugar Plum Fairy with jojoba oil and blackcurrant flavor, Twilight shower gel (my favorite) with calming lavender, Fairy dust dusting powder with a playful bubblegum scent and glitter made from natural ingredients (no plastics), Snow Fairy body conditioner – a vegan bubblegum lotion you use in the shower and Rub Rub Rub, a sea salt shower scrub with an addictive and comforting floral scent of jasmine, mimosa and orange flower.


Second we have a sparkling bath gift set called Merry Christmas Gift, filled with four of my favorite Christmas bathbombs: (From left to right) Shoot for the stars – a deep blue, toffee scented bathbomb with golden stars made from fair trade cocoa butter to leave your skin soft and moisturized, Snow Angel bath melt – a sparkling, marzipan scented dream for dry winter skin, So White – an apple scented bath bomb that will turn your bath into an uplifting, colorful experience and Golden Wonder – a bathbomb shaped as a gift, filled with a coloful surprise to unveil in your bath.


I love Lush knot-wraps, not only because they are made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, but also because I use many of them to tie up my hair and to wrap gifts for my friends (no paper wasted! yay!). This Christmas I got Pudding, containing Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb (as shown in the picture), a colorful treat! I also got Pip, an adorable penguin that not only had one bath bomb but two – Luxury Lush Pud and Butterball (a rich, vanilla scented bathbomb with moisturizing fair trade cocoa butter).


The most playful gift I got myself was the Reindeer Games Gift, which had Shoot for the stars, Golden Wonder, Luxury Lush Pud (as mentioned before) but also candy scented Father Christmas bath bomb, lime scented Reindeer & Robin FUN (a 4-in-1 product), bubblegum scented Snow Fairy FUN and Snowman, a shower jelly that will turn any boring shower into play and fun with it’s jiggling ways and marzipan scent. The fun thing about this gift was that the horns could be removed and worn in a game of try-to-hit-the-horns-worn-by-your-friends-with-the-rings. Even the inside had a surprise… 


.. The boardgame Snakes & Ladders! I love how the creative people at Lush do fun stuff with packaging!


While Honey isn’t a Christmas exclusive, it was given to me by a friend, and I wanted to include it because 1. It has the most beautiful knot-wrap that you can use again and again and 2. the content is amazing.


Honey Bee bath bomb is one of those comforting bath bombs I love that have been discontinued (which is a shame, but then again we get new, exciting products to take it’s place!). Honey I Washed the Kids soap is a classic, scented with toffee and honey, this is a comforting dream for dry hands. It’s Raining Men shower gel is a shower product with the same scent as HIWTK and Soft Coeur is a naked massage bar (no packaging) that will melt in your hands/on your body as you use it and smell like a chocolate lover’s dream!


Santa in Space gift is amazing as the lunchbox can be reused, but it also had many great products inspired by space, and as I’m a total nerd I really loved it: Twilight shower gel, Santa FUN, Intergalactic bath bomb (a colorful, minty experience), Big bang bubble bar, Northern Lights bath bomb (a colorful product inspired by northern lights).



Best Wishes gift was one of the gifts I just had to get because not only did it have my favorite bath bomb Golden Wonder and the spicy bubble bar Ruby Red Slippers, but it also had a mini version of my favorite soap Snow Castle, a marzipan scented dream, in the shape of an actual castle, so cute!


Last but not least, Garden Party gift was a real treat. This is the gift you get someone who really needs to get pampered with lots of love: Rose Jam shower gel scented with a comforting rose fragrance and softening argan oil, Ro’s Argan body conditioner with the same scent, Sleep body lotion with calming lavender and Respect Your Elders soap, a rich soap with elderberries and elderflower infusion. Ro’s Argan and Respect Your Elders are not exclusive for Christmas, but I do recommend them as they are great products.

Besides these lovely gifts I also got some separate products I will write about in another entry. Did you buy any gifts at Lush during Christmas or on sale and if so – which ones did you get?


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

One thought on “Lush Christmas Gifts 2016!”

  1. Those look amazinggg. When I went to LUSH in Rotterdam I was so tempted to buy everything with that 50% off sale! But I had to fly home so all those liquids definitely weren’t going to fit in my carry on. Maybe next year!


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