My Very First Tokyo Treat Box!


After a long, difficult week with a cold this wonderful surprise showed up at the post office! You might recall that I ordered my very first Tokyo Treat box a while back and let me tell you – it was totally worth the $34.99 I spent. The premium box was not only generous but the products were super fun and playful. Let me show you!


I had not expected it, but the box came with it’s very own magazine/catalog covering the products and explaining them. It was really nice as all the products were in Japanese. If you have ever read a manga then you know the drill, as you read this magazine the same way – from the back to the front!


Here you can see, not only the content of the premium box as a whole but also the medium and small sized boxes. Basically “SMALL” only has what is shown in it’s section, “REGULAR” has the small section and regular section combined and “PREMIUM” has all three of them. All the content is full-sized, meaning you get the real deal and not tiny samples.


The box was packed so well my mind was blown by how much they had managed to fit into it, and none of the content was broken. In the picture above I was halfway through the box and many of the products were on the table behind me, to give you a sense of how many things they had fit into that tiny box. Now let me tell you more about each product!


These chocolate puffs with their pink color made me think that they would mainly taste like strawberry, but they actually taste like chocolate with a hint of strawberry which was kind of interesting. I love chocolate puffs so naturally I really enjoyed these.


Now this I loved! This apple sparkling soda was perfect for me, because while I love drinks like apple cider, it’s usually too sour for me and I can’t drink it anymore. This, however, had the full flavor of apples, like genuine, home made apple sauce, without the sour aftertaste. Just a super refreshing and perfect drink to have on those sunny, warm days. (When I go to Japan I will definitely try to find more of it!) 


In this box Tokyo Treat included a free gift – a lucky charm! I got the one with the cat and it was a nice surprise for sure.


There were six of them as shown here in the included magazine and they were all really cute! I will definitely put mine on my backpack or on my jacket. 


Tokyo Treat really likes to encourage their costumers to share their snacks and candy with their loved ones and this product is perfect for it! Three chocolate/strawberry lollipops that you can share with your friends. On the packaging, hidden underneath them are some english words in Japanese so that you can learn while you enjoy your snacks!


These treats were really cool and just as pretty as they were tasty. Like little strawberry cakes in wrappers these were packed with flavor in a single bite! This is one of those products I would really recommend someone to try if they were in Japan and came across them. 


It might surprise some of you that this was the snack that I was the most nervous about trying out but I’m simply not the biggest fan of cheddar flavored snacks. Like the picture on the package the snack looked like very tiny cookies and they truly smelled like cheese, the flavor however were not as strong as the scent. I could eat them, and I can imagine any cheese lover out there would enjoy them, but they were not on top of my list. Still a cool idea to combine crackers and cheese into one snack since people usually combine the two.


The box also included a sweet DIY-kit! I haven’t tried it yet (I will probably make a separate post about it) but many of my friends enjoy the Japanese DIY-kits so I’m excited about giving it a try!


On the back of the packaging were some serious instructions! But don’t worry, the magazine included ones in English as well that made much more sense.


While you may think this is some kind of crazy asparagus snack (judging from the packaging) they only used “asparagus” as inspiration for the shape of the snack. These were super crunchy and quite addictive!


Pocky is very popular even outside of Japan and I have tried some different flavors myself. These midi strawberry fromage flavored ones I haven’t actually tried yet as I wanted to save them. (I sort of devoured everything else in a heartbeat and I figured I needed to save at least something for those rainy days!)


At first glance I was convinced that these were banana chips but then….


… I saw the shrimp! When I opened the package the smell hit me like a truck, but these tiny, thin shrimp crackers were SO GOOD. They were no bigger than a coin and tasted quite salty but the shrimp flavor wasn’t overpowering. They melt in your mouth!


These apple flavored gummies were another favorite of mine in the box! They had a soft center and while they were sweet they weren’t overly so, more refreshing than anything! I really want to try more candy like this in different flavors.


While this might seem like a tiny thing at first, containing little candies similar to PEZ only half the size, they were PACKED with peach flavor. The magazine stated that they come in many different flavors and I will try to find some when I go to Japan. I really enjoyed them and the package is small enough to fit in your pocket!


Sticks like these can be found in Sweden (where I live) as well, only not the Japanese brand. They were pretty good never the less and the package contained 2 bags filled with strawberry flavored sticks, perfect to share with someone you love.


This package of chewy candy contained three pieces, one of which were extremely sour! The idea is that you share it with your friends, and none of you know who will end up getting the sour one.. And trust me, it was SOUR. (Because I ate them all).


Calbee is a famous brand of chips from Japan and I got super excited when I saw this in the box because I love chips and I’ve always wanted to try the brand. I asked my boyfriend if he could guess the flavor just by looking at the packaging and after a while he guessed “rose flavored”. While it was a good guess, he sure was wrong….


… Because they were clam soup flavored! It sounds horrible and I got skeptic to be honest but they were really good! Not too fishy, but still full of flavor. I even smelled the bag before tasting them and I could not even pick up any fishy scent to be honest. With that being said, they don’t taste like any chips we have here in Sweden.


So what is my conclusion?

The Good: A lot of things! So many products to try for a reasonable price, creative products and I like how they encourage you to share the snacks with your friends and family. A good mix of products well packaged. I also liked the free shipping!

The Bad: The lack of allergy information (even if I knew that they don’t include it before placing my order). It would have been cool to see if anything was vegan (especially if you want to share it with friends).

Would I buy it again?
Yes! I actually paused my subscription (you can cancel it at any time as well) just because I wanted to try the first box before placing an order for the upcoming box, but I’m actually 100% satisfied with the box, it’s content and the Tokyo Treat service.

While I waited for my box I discovered that Tokyo Treat has an online shop and I couldn’t help but order a few, really cool things that reminded me of my childhood. (I know, I’m hopeless!) It should arrive next week and I will make sure to tell you the full story once it arrives.

Note: This was not sponsored in any way.
A box of cookies were also included, but I couldn’t help myself and ate it all before I could document it for the blog! (It was tasty).


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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