Monthly Update – February


It’s almost spring and I’m one month into my internship and only two months away from my trip to Italy and Japan. I’ve had a rough start this year, trying to figure out what I should do after graduation meanwhile I’m dealing with anxiety and depression and trying to get better. It’s a horrible feeling to watch time fly as you are trying your best to engage yourself, desperatly, into anything, and trying not to get stuck in the comfort of planning a trip.

I’m lucky enough to have my own space where I can breathe, and loved ones that make me laugh, and the curiousity to explore the world. Now I just have to find my way back to a place of excitement, strenght and motivation, and I do feel like every day brings me closer to it.

What I’m currently watching:

While I love horror games, there is a fine line between being intrigued and being absolutely terrified. This is why I have, behind the safety of my pillow, watched youtubers such as TheradBrad play through the epic new game in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7 and it’s DLC’s. I grew up with the earliest games in the series and I’m a pretty big fan, and RE7 did not disappoint. (I just wish that I had the nerves to actually play it myself.)

The last couple of months I have become obsessed with Disney Parks (for some strange reason) which have lead me to Bright Sun Films (also a youtuber) and Jake’s Abandoned series covering many Disney parks and attractions. I love urban exploration and learning quirky facts and the series is REALLY good. It’s an interesting documentary series based on a lot of research and it’s packed with rare footage. I really recommend it if you’re like me and love to absorb odd facts and peculiar stories about places.

Music I’m Listening to:

While I do think Rhianna is the baddest bitch out there, I can’t say that I actually listen to a lot of her music (then again I can’t really say that I listen to music that often these days). This 80’s remix of This is What you Came for however, is just so addictive! It’s been stuck in my head for weeks and I never really grow tired of hearing it.

The current books I’m reading:

Dealing with anxiety on a daily basis, I needed something that would have a calming effect and stumbled upon The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing audiobook by Marie Kondo. I figured it would either increase my anxiety by a million (since I’m in no position to deal with any apartment related mess at the moment) or it would bring down my anxiety and get me more focused. Luckily for me it not only turned out to be the later, but it also made me feel a little more motivated and inspired. For a little more than a year now I’ve been consuming less and getting rid of more stuff, and the book really made me want to keep it up and take it further. 

The latest movie I watched:

Quite different from the GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack anime which I wrote about in another monthly update, Your Name (Kimi no na wa) was cute and a whole different level of eye candy that totally broke my heart (in the best of ways). The less you know about it before watching it, the better! (But you should definitely watch it if you get the chance!)

My Latest purchase:

A while back I had this dream in which me and Marta found ourselves at the airport, ready to board the plane to Japan when she asked me “Where is your luggage?”. I looked down and discovered that I didn’t bring any. This whole nightmare probably came out of the stress of not finding a proper suitcase (I have procrastinated when it comes to buying one forever) and as soon as I “woke up” (still sleepy and half awake I would say) I ordered one by Björn Borg online. You can see the one I got here.

We are allowed to bring two bags and one carry on flying with Alitalia to Japan, but since I can only bring one bag and one carry on to Italy I figured I  would just have one suitcase and send whatever stuff I buy in Japan home by mail. The Japanese post service has a really good international guide.

Upcoming plans:

At this point I don’t really have any plans. To me, they seem bigger than they are and I tend to fail when it comes to following them through.. So I take baby steps. My main goal right now is to make sure that I actually learn new things as an intern, and that I manage to get out of bed and go to my internship every week. It might seem small and basic, but that’s where I’m at right now.


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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