Tokyo Treat Shop!


With only one month left until I leave for Japan, what better way to celebrate than to get a taste of the country? 🙂 If you follow my blog, then you know that I just recently subscribed to the Tokyo Treat box, but as I found out that they also have a Tokyo Treat Shop where you can pick out and buy snacks and candy of your choice, I decided to gave it a try!


First we have Porinky with mentaiko flavor! I had no clue what “mentaiko” meant but I decided to give them a try without doing a “mentaiko” google search first. (Got to maintain my adventurous image, lol). Porinky is an addictive corn snack a while I really liked them, as I looked away my partner Kristoffer devoured the entire thing. We tried to define the flavor and he described it as “tasting like chili, without the heat” and I think it’s a really good way to describe them. Imagine our surprise when we learned that mentaiko is Japanese for salted roe.. It didn’t taste fishy at all!


When I found these biscuits I just HAD TO order them, and here is why:
When I was a kid I used to buy a big bag that was blue and had cartoonish sharks and fish printed on it, filled with tiny blue bags of round biscuits. Each biscuit had a single fish print, and the inside was filled with chocolate. I ate these EVERY DAY until one day when they disappeared from all the stores. Until recently I’ve never met anyone who has heard of or tried these biscuits.. That is until I brought it up to Kristoffer who interrupted me mid-sentence and explained how much he loved them as a kid. (Destiny much?)

Naturally I had to order these IDENTICAL (if Disney themed) ones when I saw them in the store.


They were so good! Smaller than I remembered, then again I’ve grown since then. (And Kristoffer remember them as being smaller so who knows!) I got crazy and ordered four more boxes as soon as we had finished these.


I let Kristoffer pick out some stuff in the store and he wanted to try this grapefruit flavored soda. We both really liked it! Refreshing but not too sweet. Might actually buy this again if I find it in Japan.


This small package contained 2 Genji-Pies in the shape of hearts! Perfect for us to share. I can’t really describe the flavor, but they kind of reminded me of churros, only more crunchy. I really liked them and wished I had bought more.


 Just look at that golden color! True comfort food.


Now, this was the snack in the mix that I felt really skeptic about.. These Ottotto snacks are described as “consome flavored”. Think “vegetable soup” and that’s pretty much what they taste like. When I opened the bag it kind of reminded me of the same scent that hits me every time I open a bags of cat treats for my cats – Now don’t let that frighten you, because believe it or not this was my favorite thing out of all the products that I bought! 


Every box contain two bags of ottotto snacks that are crispy and super thin. They’re only made of this thin but flavorful crust which is why you can easily eat the entire thing without getting as uncomfortable as you might get after stuffing your face with a bag of chips. The flavor might sound weird, and at first it is, but I had a really hard time putting them down. This is one of my top favorite things from Tokyo Treat shop so far!


Kristoffer wanted to get a DIY kit and went for this one, and I will make a separate post for it later on. 🙂


I might need google translate for the instructions.. So far I’ve tried it on a few packages and it has actually translated pretty well.. Or at least well enough to get an overall understanding.


The packaging for these Pie No Mi are so cute it kills me! – These chocolate filled mini pies are small enough to eat in a single bite. The bite crust is very crispy and thin and while I’ve heard that it’s quite popular to heat them in the microwave, we enjoyed them as they were and they were really good. I had a hard time throwing the box away.. I wish that Sweden produced packaging this cute as well!


They arrived looking a little rough, but they were still good enough to eat and enjoy!


This adorable Shimajiro package came filled with cute, butter flavored biscuits. It was a lot bigger than I had expected!



Inside were five smaller bags filled with biscuits (maybe not the best idea for the environment, but good if you want to share it with friends) and they were very kawaii.


Now the biscuits themselves were good. Similar to Marie biscuits but slightly less sweet I would say. The little prints on them were a very nice touch! It’s kind of a good example why I think Japanese snacks and candy are way more fun than candy and snacks in other countries such as my own, there are just more thought put into the product. 🙂


I were so pleased with this box from the Tokyo Treat Shop that I ordered another one which arrived pretty quickly compared to this one, so keep an eye out for my upcoming unboxing on the blog! 

Have you tried any of the snacks above and if so – what did you think of them? 🙂

(Know that this was not a sponsored entry in any way, I hope you enjoyed it!)


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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