Tokyo Treat Shop – Part 2!


Not too long ago I received my very first box from the Tokyo Treat Shop (not to be confused with Tokyo Treat which is their subscription service) and I loved it so much that I decided to place another order. I picked the cheapest shipping cost for both boxes and while the first one came after 20 days, this one came a lot quicker (10 days). Despite the Pakkuncho Disney biscuits (which I got in the previous box) there were several new things to try!


I love midi Pocky way more than regular Pocky – they are shorter but also covered in more of the good stuff! The last ones I tried were strawberry fromage (and they were really good). These matcha ones however were the first matcha product I’ve ever tried, and well.. Maybe it takes some time getting used to the flavor because these didn’t really impress me as much as the strawberry ones, then again, my boyfriend loved them and he pretty much cheered when I offered them to him!



If you’re a Harry Potter geek like me, then you understand why I had to try these ramune candies with maple butter beer flavor with the obvious Harry Potter like character on the front! Now these actually tasted like the real deal, but I’m not sure that the flavor went well as ramune candy. For $0,39 they were worth trying out, but if you are going to try ramune candy for the first time, there are better flavors out there.


I got really excited about trying Caramel Corn from Tohato because I have seen so many different variations from this brand all over the internet. They resemble cheese puffs texture wise but there is nothing cheesy about their flavor whatsoever. This flavor was on sale as it was released as a christmas product and they tasted quite sweet.


This is what they looked like! It was a somewhat weird experience tasting them because I never expected them to taste so sweet and fluffy.


The second one was my favorite of the two (my boyfriend prefered the other one). This was apple pie flavored and as I opened the bag the scent of fresh, green apples hit me! The crazy thing was that they tasted equally as much as they smelled like apples, which combined with the texture made it pretty cool. Maybe it was in my head, but I could swear that I also tasted a hint of salt in these, so the sweetness of them never became overpowering. 


As you can see, they looked a bit different than the other ones!


Now these fruity ramune candies came in such a cute package that I still haven’t been able to throw the empty bags away. There is something about the taste of these that reminds me of my childhood, some type of candy that my grandmother got me back in the days.. They were really good and worth the very low price. 


Not sure if you remember but I got a strawberry version of these in my subscription box! These however were citrus flavored and out of the three of them, one is always secretly sour. That way you can share them with your friends but you won’t know who will end up getting the sour one! I liked them, they are similar to gum but quite packed with flavor.


This box (with shipping included) cost me 2.339 Yen. With new stuff coming into the shop I decided to order another one just yesterday and it will probably arrive just a week before I head to Italy followed by Japan! (So keep an eye out for more updates!) Have you tried any of the candy and snacks above, and if so, what did you think?

(This was not a sponsored entry).


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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