Monthly Update – April


What a crazy month it has been!

I have finished my internship at Brewhouse, been insanely stressed out about my trip (with good reason), worked on my last assignments for school before my graduation and spent more time travelling back and forth between my family home, visiting my parents, and my apartment in Gothenburg. One part of me is so extremely excited about the trip to Italy and Japan that I have a hard time believing that it is finally happening, and another part of me is trying to finsih everything that is related to school. This means that my mind is pretty much all over the place, but it’s not at all bad! The biggest change that came with April is my mental health. Now I’m at a point where I not only function like my normal self, but I’m also filled with excitement and anticipation, and my depression is very, very far away.

About two weeks ago (or was it one?), Marta, the Italian girl I’ll be travelling with, gave me the news that Alitalia, the company we’re flying with to Japan might go bankrupt in just a few days. It was a strange experience, being stressed out and anxious and not being able to do anthing but wait for a public announcement. Luckily for us, the trip is still happening and everything worked out.. But I have never experienced anything like it before and I can’t even explain the relief that came with the good news a few days later when Marta told me we were fine!

Tomorrow I’m geting on a plane to visit Marta and her family and I’m so ready for this adventure, I actually started packing my bags several days ago. My mind has basically already checked out of my everyday life and the only productive thing I can bring myself to do while I wait is to post silly videos of my cats on instagram and daydream about all the things I want to do on our trip.

What I’m Currently Watching

Nothing can fill the void of 13 Reasons Why.
I’m aware that it’s a show that provoke a lot of mixed feelings, but when I watched it I was in a bad place and I really felt like popular culture finally understood me and reflected my own thoughts and experiences. It made me feel less alone, and I felt so many things watching it, not just the daily depression I was dealing with. And while it may be gruesome and painful to watch, violence and sexual abuse is never beautiful or “pretty” in real life.

Still, I had to fill the void with something, and I got myself something of a guilty pleasure. Helix might not be the best science fiction show out there, but something pulled me in and I binged it for days. There is something about the show’s combination of fake science, gore and elevator music aestethics that I really like more than I should.

Music I’m into

While this might not be the most exciting news I can bring you, the last couple of weeks I have been dealing with some bizarre pain in my ears. I even went to the hospital to have it checked but they couldn’t detect anything out of the ordinary. So while I’m “fine”, the thought of putting a pair of headphones on makes me feel quite uncomfortable and for a while I had trouble being around people talking.. So I keep the music to a minimum.

Books I’m Reading

There has been a massive amount of writing on my part this month (and I’m sorry that the blog had to suffer because of it), which is why my books have stayed in their pile. I could really use some advice on what book I should bring on the flight to Japan however, so if you have any recommendations you can leave me a note about it in the comment section below. 🙂 I love Image Comics and strange, mind f*cking books that makes you think, but I’m open to any suggestions you might have!  

Latest Movie I Watched

Hilariously, I had been excited about the movie Get Out for so long that I eventually forgot about it. So naturally when Kristoffer surprised me with it on one of our movie nights I got really pumped! I had been a little skeptic about it despite my excitement, but I really appreciated it’s true horror because I really like movies that have a deeper message than the obvious storyline. I think it’s sometimes what separate the good horror movies from the bad ones.

My Latest Purchase

I’ve bought a good amount of stuff that I realised I would be needing on the trip, but the best thing I’ve bought is by far my new, transparent make up bag covered in a pattern of cats dressed up as sparkling mermaids that I use as a pencil case. Like how can you not buy that?

Upcoming Plans

I leave for Italy tomorrow on May the 4th to spend time with Marta in Milan and Varese before we head to Japan on the 8th. We will be spending one week based in Kyoto travelling around Japan and one week in Tokyo. I will arrive back home in Sweden two hours before my graduation on the 24th.. Which is a little crazy, I know!

I will post on Instagram during my trip so make sure to follow me there! I will blog and vlog while I’m away but I’m not certain if I will publish posts and videos while I’m away or after I come home, but stay tuned for my upcoming adventure! It’s going to be amazing.

What do you want to see from my trip to Japan?
Leave a comment below and I will keep it in mind!


Author: Saga Grönqvist

Cultural project manager, sfx makeup entusiast, comic book collector, gamer and an adventurer at heart.

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