A Childhood Horror Story


Many do not know this, but I used to work at a small library in my hometown for a couple of years before I went back to school. It was a place I used to visit long before I started working there, in fact, I used to go there every week when I was younger to rent Jurassic Park since I didn’t own it on VHS. When I got hired there in my early twenties, I worked with creative workshops, events and book clubs (to name a few things) and my life was all about finding interesting books and encouraging people to read. These days I don’t have as much time for reading as I used to (and wish), but I still collect a whole lot of comics and I try to read them whenever I can.

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A Lovely Evening Full of Terror


Last night, me and a group of friends were invited to Liseberg to get a preview of the park’s haunted houses. As I predicted in my previous post, we weren’t allowed to take any pictures of the haunted houses or the decorations, which is why I used a very anonymous picture of us leaving the park up there. 😉 Nevertheless, I wanted to write an update because we had so much fun and the experience was amazing.

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A Fresh New Chapter


The one thing that bothers me more than a lack of consistent blogging is when you try to force yourself to blog when you have nothing to say (and nothing creative to put out there). With that being said, my life has been all about learning and deadlines these last couple of weeks, only moving between school, work and my home. It hit me the other day that I haven’t done anything creative or fun in ages which have caused me a lot of stress and I’m all about changing that.

I finished this intense period this week with my marketing class coming to an end. I wanted to share my week with you, simply because it felt amazing to be finished with the class and because I’m excited about starting a new chapter!

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A Gift From Japan!


A couple of days ago I went by the post office to pick up a mysterious package. It all started on Friday, however, as I received a message saying that I had a package to pick up, only when I arrived at the post office they told me that there were no packages waiting for me and that I should come back later next week.. I waited all weekend and finally got my hands on it by Monday morning, and by then my curiousity was killing me.

The package contained a gift from my amazing friend Robin, who recently went to Japan and Korea! I got super excited and couldn’t wait to open it!

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Food Market at Magasinsgatan


Yesterday I attended an event in the city center, a Food Market at Magasinsgatan. I wanted to give it a try since the annual market at Tjolöholm Slott, which I usually visit, got cancelled this year. Me and K spent the entire day walking around the city and we had a great time at the market.

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A New Challenge in Kungsbacka


Today, me and my team (Jannie, Caroline and Love) went to Kungsbacka to meet with our new “client” as part of the assignment we were given in the marketing class we’re currently taking. We were assigned the theater of Kungsbacka, and for the upcoming weeks it will be our job to analyze their marketing and to come up with new strategies to improve areas that they might be interested in developing further.

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