My First Lush Kitchen Experience

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Here is a confession for you – I have been a devoted Lushie for years, but I have never purchased anything through Lush Kitchen. Every week Lush Kitchen release a menu of handmade, limited Lush products that you can’t find in Lush stores or online shops. It’s a great way to get your hands on retro favorites but also a chance to try new inventions. The reason why I have never purchased anything before is because I’m a student and I try to save money for future adventures, but when Butterball shower gel and Egg Snog lip balm showed up in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago I just had to have it, as I love the cocoa butter bath bomb with the same scent and name.

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Lush Christmas Gifts 2016!


Christmas came and passed quickly for me this year and by New Year’s I decided to open my Christmas exclusive gifts from Lush. Every year I’ve had a tradition of buying myself gifts from Lush to spoil myself and celebrate my endeavours (Because #treatyoself). This year, since I decided to save money for travel and do a minimal amount of shopping through 2016, it was especially fun to unbox these goodies! I figured it would be fun to share the unboxing of them with you, especially since the Christmas products are on sale in all the Lush stores at the moment, and if you’re lucky, you might still be able to find these gifts 50% off at your local Lush store!

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Lush Halloween 2016!


I know many of you have been waiting for this! The sparkling and colorful Halloween products from Lush is finally here! If you know me, then you know that I love Halloween and that I’m a hardcore Lushie, so combining the two is a dream (that comes true once a year). I wanted to guide you through the products (leaving out Lord of Misrule because I still have my bottle from last year) and to tell you a little bit about my favorites.

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The Haul of Hauls


If you think that I finished my first day at Lush and left the store without getting myself a crazy haul, you’re crazy. (Just kidding.. Then again, how can you not give some new things a try to better understand how they work, am I right? 🙂 ) I haven’t bought anything in ages as I am saving money for my upcoming trip to Japan, which made this massive treat even more magical!

My First Day at Lush


I know what you’re thinking – You’re wondering what’s in that magical Lush box up there! Well, today I did my very first day as a Lush employee and I had such a great time. 10 minutes into my shift we discovered these staff boxes containing some completely new and upcoming christmas goodies for us to take home and explore!

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My New Lush Adventure!


Those of you who follow me on instagram might have figured out where I went during the weekend by my mysterious instagram post! I wanted to tell everyone all about it but I decided to keep a low profile because I didn’t want to jinx my chances (but trust me – it was difficult to keep this a secret because I was super excited!).. And now I get tell you!

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Minty Sunday Bath


I’ve been migraine free for over a week, but today it hit me – probably because of my excitement over tomorrow’s field trip! Since nothing seemed to work I put together a coctail of minty Lush products – The sparkly Intergalactic bath bomb, Mask of Magnaminty for my face, Roots for my scalp and the 93.000 Miles shower jelly. I’m not sure if it was the relaxation I experienced in the bath or the cooling effect from the products, but I already feel better, and now I’m going to sleep like a queen.

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