A New Challenge in Kungsbacka


Today, me and my team (Jannie, Caroline and Love) went to Kungsbacka to meet with our new “client” as part of the assignment we were given in the marketing class we’re currently taking. We were assigned the theater of Kungsbacka, and for the upcoming weeks it will be our job to analyze their marketing and to come up with new strategies to improve areas that they might be interested in developing further.

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My Internship Adventures

Älvornas Strand at The International Science Festival 2016, Gothenburg.

Earlier this year I worked as an intern at Playcentric Industries & Institute and Story Architect, both owned and founded by the talented curator and experience designer Jasmine Isdrake.

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Books in Games

2Screenshot from the videogame Firewatch.

I’m currently working on a quirky culture project involving literature, both non-existent and existent in the real world, used as props or functional objects in videogames. As odd and mysterious as it sounds, I can’t reveal that much about it just yet, however, I’m really curious to learn more about what literature you have found in videogames and what part they played in the games.

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