A Fresh New Year


In my pervious post about The Lush Christmas Gifts 2016 I wrote a little bit about how I didn’t do a lot of shopping in 2016. The reason for this was partly because of my travel plans as I’ve had to save money but it’s also been a conscious decision on my part to consume less (I’d like to lower my impact on the environment and to have a less cluttered home).

When it comes to products like toothpaste, soap, shampoo and more, these are things that I need, and enjoy, which is why I choose to purchase a greater amount at the beginning of each year to cover the upcoming 12 months, and I buy everything at Lush because I agree with their values. With this being said, people tend to look at the amount of products I buy and get shocked, but I would rather spend my money on great products that are cruelty free, often naked (package free) and are made of top quality ingredients, than to buy products that cause harm to the people who make them, animals and the environment.

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My New Lush Adventure!


Those of you who follow me on instagram might have figured out where I went during the weekend by my mysterious instagram post! I wanted to tell everyone all about it but I decided to keep a low profile because I didn’t want to jinx my chances (but trust me – it was difficult to keep this a secret because I was super excited!).. And now I get tell you!

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