Books in Games

2Screenshot from the videogame Firewatch.

I’m currently working on a quirky culture project involving literature, both non-existent and existent in the real world, used as props or functional objects in videogames. As odd and mysterious as it sounds, I can’t reveal that much about it just yet, however, I’m really curious to learn more about what literature you have found in videogames and what part they played in the games.

Leave a comment below and I will keep you updated on this exciting adventure!


Mixtape -Heart and Soul

This is the start of a digital mixtape that I will continue to update on the blog as a way for me to share the sounds and beats that inspire me in many aspects of my life.

 Other songs to check out: Still Sleeping, Send The Pain On and The Meaning of Love.

Back in the Game!

I’m back!

It’s been a couple of years and for some unknown reason I woke up today and decided that it would be fun to start blogging again. A lot has happened since I first started writing many years ago.

My name is Saga Grönqvist and I’m a 26 year old cultural project manager living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have a big interest in gaming culture, tech innovation, exploration and working with creative projects.  This blog will work as my journal and I invite you to be a part of my many adventures!