I Received a Yummy Gift


I’ve always been a sucker for things that improve my level of coziness – Fluffy socks, tasty treats, bubble baths, scented candles. No one knows this better than my parents. This Christmas they really surprised me when they gave me the best Christmas gift ever – a very thoughtful care package filled with fairtrade, vegan snacks and teas that they had handpicked, most of which I had never even tried before myself.

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A Gift From Japan!


A couple of days ago I went by the post office to pick up a mysterious package. It all started on Friday, however, as I received a message saying that I had a package to pick up, only when I arrived at the post office they told me that there were no packages waiting for me and that I should come back later next week.. I waited all weekend and finally got my hands on it by Monday morning, and by then my curiousity was killing me.

The package contained a gift from my amazing friend Robin, who recently went to Japan and Korea! I got super excited and couldn’t wait to open it!

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