Monthly Update – February


It’s almost spring and I’m one month into my internship and only two months away from my trip to Italy and Japan. I’ve had a rough start this year, trying to figure out what I should do after graduation meanwhile I’m dealing with anxiety and depression and trying to get better. It’s a horrible feeling to watch time fly as you are trying your best to engage yourself, desperatly, into anything, and trying not to get stuck in the comfort of planning a trip.

I’m lucky enough to have my own space where I can breathe, and loved ones that make me laugh, and the curiousity to explore the world. Now I just have to find my way back to a place of excitement, strenght and motivation, and I do feel like every day brings me closer to it.

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Music in Games (Part 4) – Halloween Edition

While P.T (A playable teaser for the now cancelled game Silent Hills) never had an official soundtrack, one of the creepy audio elements gamers could experience were the strange recordings (one in Swedish) coming from the radio in the hallway.

The horror genre has a huge following, and with games being a more interactive experience than books and films, the horror also become more real and terrifying. It is safe to say that music and audio in horror games play an important part.

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Bringing Friends to Japan!


As some of you may recall, I announced my upcoming trip to Japan a couple of weeks ago. I will be going in May 2017, and while it’s quite early to be talking about this trip, I’m already planning and will be booking my tickets in a couple of months. There is one thing I need to solve before then, however – and that is to find myself a travel buddy! While I want to make a solo trip somewhere in the future, I do feel like Japan is a destination that you want to experience with others – which is why I’m looking for someone who might want to join me and share the adventure!

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Game Logic vs The Real World


If you play games, then you know too well what it’s like to play a game for a period of time, and as you leave the console or computer at home and head into the real world you’ll find that the mindset you had while playing might still in some ways stay with you. Things that you did or experienced in the game, you somehow try to apply to reality. I remember playing Little Big Adventure 2, a game in which you can find money by going through public trash cans. I went through so many trash cans in the game, that whenever I saw one in real life I felt the urge to interact with it. I never went through any trash cans of course, but it’s quite hilarious how games can mess with your mind.

While there’s no official definition of the concept of game logic, it can be defined as the logic that only apply to games – things that seem “gamelike” and make sense in the game, that turn strange or even bizarre when applied to reality.

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Music in Games (Part 3)

walkmanMetal Gear Solid V, The Man Who Sold the World.

I think frequent gamers would agree that the quality of the game soundtracks are evolving and changing and we are seeing a greater variation in the music. Developers are giving the music a bigger role, and even showing the guts to use music that is low key for even the most epic games. Some try to challenge the genres by exploring new directions in music. It is impossible to say what the future role of music in games will look like, but I think (and hope) that it’s going to keep surprising us. With that being said, the third part of the Music in Games series will focus on some of our more recent game soundtracks.

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Exploring the World Through Games (Part 2)

b1The Vanishing of Ethan CarterRed Creek Valley, Wisconsin.

One of the most interesting aspects of exploration in games are the rules by which the exploration applies; Can I interact with the objects around me? How far can I travel? Will the weather effect my experience? Can I return to a place that I’ve already been to?.. And so on. It might seem like these rules would be a bad thing, after all we do want the freedom to explore as much as possible, but I’ve found that as I explore the bounderies and possibilies in my gaming adventures, one of the best parts of it all is when I’m being surprised by how much I can do in a game. With that being said, here is the second part of the Exploring the World Through Games series.

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Exploring the World Through Games (Part 1)

aUncharted 4: A Thiefs end, driving in Madagascar.

Have you ever played a video game and thought to youself “I really wish that I could be there in person”? I do so quite often, it’s actually one of the reasons why I play video games – I get to go to magical places that might be fictional or too far away in the real world. You might have read my Where not to go in a Fictional World series, where I write about travel destinations in games worth avoiding, but I figured it would only be fair to take some time to write about the inspiring locations you don’t want to miss – here is the first part of the Exploring the World Through Games series. Enjoy!

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