Monthly Update – February


It’s almost spring and I’m one month into my internship and only two months away from my trip to Italy and Japan. I’ve had a rough start this year, trying to figure out what I should do after graduation meanwhile I’m dealing with anxiety and depression and trying to get better. It’s a horrible feeling to watch time fly as you are trying your best to engage yourself, desperatly, into anything, and trying not to get stuck in the comfort of planning a trip.

I’m lucky enough to have my own space where I can breathe, and loved ones that make me laugh, and the curiousity to explore the world. Now I just have to find my way back to a place of excitement, strenght and motivation, and I do feel like every day brings me closer to it.

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Monthly Update – October


October went by really fast and I can tell you this – I feel it! I’ve been learning new, fun things at work and I started my very own class (that I designed myself) a couple of weeks ago (which included a visit the an exhibit with my friend Jannie, as you can see from the painting above). It’s been great, but I can’t wait to move forward.

The best thing about October coming to an end is that I am done with the distractions. I haven’t really written about it here but I’ve been dealing with several hospital visits to figure out why I keep having constant migraines and now I’m at a point where I’m doing fine and feeling healthy – which means I can focus on more fun stuff in November!

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