Budapest Adventures 2016 – Last Days

Here is my final vlog from the Budapest 2016 trip I took with Sarah last summer! We had a blast at the end of our trip despite the rain and the blisters on our feet, but my iphone memory ended up full and the internet connection turned out to be too slow for me to upload my material to Dropbox (which is why I just threw it all together into one final video). I hope you like it!

Budapest Adventures 2016 – Day Four

On the fourth day of our trip to Budapest, me and Sarah went to Margitszigit and explored the island’s many activities and had fun in the sun! You can read more about our trip here and keep an eye out for more videos! (There’s more to come).

Budapest Adventures 2016 – Day Three

Here is the third part (and third day) of me and my friend Sarah’s trip to Budapest. Watch as we explore vintage shops and chill by the thermal baths in the sun! You can read about the trip here and if you want to watch the first part of the series you can find it here, and the second part here.

Budapest Adventures 2016 – Day Two

Here is the second part (and the second day) of me and my friend Sarah’s trip to Budapest last summer! We bought a whole lot of tasty things at Central Market Hall and had a picnic in the sun at the top of Gellért Hill! The view was amazing (as I’m sure you can tell)!

You can read more about the trip here and see the first part of the series here.

A Sunny Day at the Market

As you’ve probably read in my previous post, I went to the Food Market at Magasinsgatan the other day and had lots of fun! The place got crowded real fast and I didn’t get a chance to shoot a whole lot, but here’s a vlog for you, I hope you’ll like it!

The First Day of Sjövik

Last week, me and my class went on a field trip to Sjövik, and you can read all about it in this previous post. I’ve been working on this vlog for a couple of days, struggling with the free editing software that I’m using (if you can recommend me another, it doesn’t have to be free, it would be very much appreciated!). I hope you like it!

Trying Something New

I’m still editing a video from earlier this summer, but it became too much work for me (who has never done any videos before), and I wanted to try something new (and not so massive) to break this editing block that I’m stuck in.. Which is why I created my very first vlog yesterday! Follow me on a typical day at school, watching films at Hagabion and hanging out with my friends!